CM-5 (3)

CM-5 (3) H M

The information system prevents the installation of [Assignment: organization-defined software and firmware components] without verification that the component has been digitally signed using a certificate that is recognized and approved by the organization.

DISA Cloud Computing SRG

Any software or firmware components when the vendor provides digitally signed products


Supplemental Guidance

Software and firmware components prevented from installation unless signed with recognized and approved certificates include, for example, software and firmware version updates, patches, service packs, device drivers, and basic input output system (BIOS) updates. Organizations can identify applicable software and firmware components by type, by specific items, or a combination of both. Digital signatures and organizational verification of such signatures, is a method of code authentication.

Further Guidance

CM-5 (3) Guidance: If digital signatures/certificates are unavailable, alternative cryptographic integrity checks (hashes, self-signed certs, etc.) can be utilized.

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